These Times

Been a while since I ventured into this neck of the woods.

Was I suffering a bit of writers block, was I just too busy being busy…was I afraid to head back here, for fear of what I’d find, or what I’d be reminded of?

Option D: All of the above, perhaps?!

It’s just over a year since my check-in and time of intense introspection. Sho, this year has really been a difficult one for me. Arguably the toughest of my existence.

Got stripped of most things [material] and also have had a few emotional moments, to be honest.

It’s 10 days from the end of this year,  heck, it could probably be the end of the world soon too?

Who knows. Thing is, I am where I am because I’m meant to be here. There’s a path, which I may or may not have chosen, depending on how you reason, and the outcome of that is exactly where I find myself now…typing

How bizarre, or apt, or whatever…I’m writing this piece, listening to a Jamie Odell aka Jimpster podcast for Freerange and the track, Traumprinz – Changes [a rework of a classic Sandy Rivera joint] comes on.

The most memorable line of this track is: “Now my life is, going through some changes”

Cannot find a more fitting one-liner.

You see, right now I’m having to make a number of vital and life-changing decisions. Very difficult decisions. Decisions that are taxing on me financially, emotionally and often physically. Decisions that will cost me friends, family and [how i approach] life.

It’s that time for me.

I love this track by the Jimpster.

Jimpster – These Times

Inspires me to write…it’s actually the title too.

“…pray that you will find the reason why, that I feel these times…that I read the signs, something I recall just slips away”

So yes, you may not always agree with me or what I do or say, and that’s ok. Hopefully there’ll come a day when we can agree.

For now, let’s focus on these times.


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