These Times

Been a while since I ventured into this neck of the woods.

Was I suffering a bit of writers block, was I just too busy being busy…was I afraid to head back here, for fear of what I’d find, or what I’d be reminded of?

Option D: All of the above, perhaps?!

It’s just over a year since my check-in and time of intense introspection. Sho, this year has really been a difficult one for me. Arguably the toughest of my existence.

Got stripped of most things [material] and also have had a few emotional moments, to be honest.

It’s 10 days from the end of this year, ┬áheck, it could probably be the end of the world soon too?

Who knows. Thing is, I am where I am because I’m meant to be here. There’s a path, which I may or may not have chosen, depending on how you reason, and the outcome of that is exactly where I find myself now…typing

How bizarre, or apt, or whatever…I’m writing this piece, listening to a Jamie Odell aka Jimpster podcast for Freerange and the track,┬áTraumprinz – Changes [a rework of a classic Sandy Rivera joint] comes on.

The most memorable line of this track is: “Now my life is, going through some changes”

Cannot find a more fitting one-liner.

You see, right now I’m having to make a number of vital and life-changing decisions. Very difficult decisions. Decisions that are taxing on me financially, emotionally and often physically. Decisions that will cost me friends, family and [how i approach] life.

It’s that time for me.

I love this track by the Jimpster.

Jimpster – These Times

Inspires me to write…it’s actually the title too.

“…pray that you will find the reason why, that I feel these times…that I read the signs, something I recall just slips away”

So yes, you may not always agree with me or what I do or say, and that’s ok. Hopefully there’ll come a day when we can agree.

For now, let’s focus on these times.