Take a left, right

It irks me that we don’t stand up for what is right, by being left.

Sheepishly I conform to what is said and done with the view of not offending anyone by voicing our viewpoints, despite these being factual and ethical and showing that I actually have a point of view and a belief system, rather than what is fed to me.

I particularly find this sort of behaviour in the church life. Funny how many of us are very literal about the ‘sheep and shepherd’ thinking and dare not go boo or BAA [see what I did there] when I’m uneasy about a certain statement or occurrence or both. This gives power to those [in power] and inevitable causes a load of hogwash down the line.

While we’re on the subject, why do we think that there’s a certain vocabulary connected to church? I’ve come to say that this is nonsense. How many of you know that despite us all having the same beliefs pertaining God/Jesus Christ, we aren’t therefore forced to speak the same and use the same phrases. How sheepish!

Take a minute to think how those who are new, to visiting the building we choose as a place of worship, feel when they realise that, hey, I’m just not ‘fitting’ here…the ‘in crowd’ and ‘vocabulary’ of the chosen I’m just not getting. Must be rubbish and disheartening and a good enough reason for them not to return, no.

So how about going against the grain…choosing to be true to myself and at the same time be real about being real.

Take a left, right [now]


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