Able to respond

Circumstances. Nothing much we can do about them, especially if we were born into them. Take for example the fact that a few of us are born coloured, born on the Cape Flats, born into a family where everything was gained by extreme hard work…maybe both parents needed to work in order just to ensure basic necessities were supplied.

Maybe you were born to a single-parent scenario or possibly no parents at all. Seriously at a disadvantage. There are other horrific circumstances I could suggest as well. Pretty much a handicap in the ‘race of life’

Does this make me though? Does this decide what I can achieve or become?

Two days ago I was fortunate to sit in on a talk [facilitated by my brother] on RESPONSIBILITY. The ability to respond…DESPITE what you’ve been dished up.

You see, society would love us to believe that we can achieve as much as our circumstance allows us to. Of course, a certain amount of realistic thinking needs to prevail. That being said, deciding and acting upon the decision, as to what you’d like to become [your goal] goes a long way further than submitting to society’s branding.

Many of us are conditioned to accept our fate and the defeatist mentality that comes along with this. Comfort zones, which are often not too comfortable, if we’re honest. Couple this with the ‘my grandparents and parents all lived this way, so surely this is my way as well’ thinking and we’re well on our way to average lives.

Its nice and easy to settle.

How about I respond and decide not to



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