People Two People

I met a girl on Sunday. A 19year old girl…the conversation we had left an indelible mark on my life.

We spoke about human beings, our imperfection…we spoke of the misinterpretation of Christianity and the distrust and judgement that goes along with this. I share with her openly, my disease, and the un-manageability it had caused…how this has [in]directly affected my viewpoint on church and people and life. The content of our conversation was of such value, I am left feeling a sense of great respect towards this female…this woman of character. I have never before experienced such a sense of purpose and direction from a person still in their late teens.

3weeks ago I met a gentlemen. 60years old he is. Throughout our interaction over the past 21 day period, I’ve always felt a sense of maturity, intellect and gratitude from him. Last night he shared some of his experiences with a group of us. Besides his immense material wealth, he also is an extremely intelligent human-being. However, these ‘human’ measurements could not save him from the person he had become, as a result of this disease.

This got me thinking. I, being quite intelligent and quite ‘achieved’ in terms of physical possessions, have often come across as a rather pompous human-being, with a great amount of denial towards my faults and illness… Well, if he [who has achieved more than I have and more] could find himself at the cross-roads of life vs. death. If he could realise the chaos he had caused as a result of his disease. If he could become exceedingly humble and grateful for a second chance at life. Who am I?

Today’s write is about people. Over these past two days [and even before], I’ve been reminded that we meet people, not per chance.

I am grateful for the human-beings I meet who leave a positive effect on me.

I am grateful for people…two people.


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