Real Estate

You know there’s a place we some times come to, a place where reality is blurred. A place where you just don’t know whether what you’re experiencing is real or whether the information you’re being given, is.

It’s a scary place. However, this place allows for an opportunity. An opportunity to retrace your steps…to do some introspection…some thought-gathering…some whatever you choose to call it.

I’m about there, right now.

This is probably the most challenging experience I’ve had since pa fell off the bus…well he didn’t really fall off the bus, but rather, indicates how long I’ve gone without one of these.

There’s never a right time for this…never an opportune time. Cos, see, It just happens. When it does happen though, it is vital that we address it. Get on with it…

You could of course ignore this and continue in the other world. Not advisable though. The other world is fun, i won’t lie…the longer you take to realise that this isn’t entirely real or sustainable or honest, the tougher the rewiring process is.

On the up side. I have no clue what I’m in for during this rewiring process. I don’t know whether this rewiring process will sort out this head of mine. What I do know is that I have the opportunity to work at my reality. That’s the up side.

I am in no position to tell you how to go about finding your reality. I can also not tell you the depths you’d need to go to, the sacrifices you may need to make either. I’m only just realising I need to try and find mine.


What it says on the tin

People from the ‘burbs are ghetto. We wear baggy jeans, Buffalo boots and/or Nike Air Jordan. We usually have our front 4-6 teeth removed in favour of the ‘pap bek’ [soft mouth look] or some mineral/denture combo. We drink nothing other than Three Ships and or the 5lt boxed wine referred to as the ‘government briefcase’ or ‘papsak’. Usually we do not venture into the corporate world, but rather aspire to be floor managers at our local retail store OR we join a gang.

People from the North do nothing but braai, drink brandy and coke and go to shopping malls in rugby shorts, two-toned shirts and are almost always barefoot. They are often responsible for in-breeding and most of them are mechanics.

Your CBD/Atlantic Seaboard folks are snobs. Hang out at the most ‘to do’ venues and have no time for the rest of us commoners as they sip on dacquaris and chat about the latest investments or fashion shindig.

Township dwellers never wash. They work on construction sites. Their staple diet is a quarter unsliced, chicken and milk stout. We do not associate ourselves with them. Especially not if we’re from the CBD.

Gam, Boere, Whiteys, Daakies…the terms we associate with the above class/race groups.

Don’t you just love stereotypes.

You know what I love more about stereotypes are proving these very stereotypes wrong.

My next sentence could start “I’m not racist hey…i have 23 black friends.” I love this sort of remark even more, so much that I’d literally smack someone who pipes up with that sort of rubbish.

These stereotypes are what we’ve been taught, what society would have us believe…it stems from a divided past and unfortunately is still very much a part of our current make up and thought processes. We try to wash over this with wonderful ideas like BEE, BBBEE and any sort of fancy window-dressing which we claim to be a solution.

Yes we have a jaded past and it doesn’t change in a decade or even two decades. It takes years to change…the key to this change is the mind. If you can change someone’s thinking, you’ve come a long way to changing their activity and reasoning.

I had a t-shirt from ‘World Tribe’ which read “whoever rules the media, rules the mind”

How’s your mind?

Mine is duidelik, hosh 🙂




The Drawing Board

Music unites.

Sometimes it doesn’t and causes more division than what we started off with. It often leaves more questions than needs answering…often causes divides.

Why is this?

Why will the masses always be drawn to the hype, the hysteria, until it’s the average…when will we identify true quality and follow it wholeheartedly?

I had a listen to Fabric 61 mixed by the Visionquest lads who have had a really successful year. They’ve pretty much re-developed a sound with hints of disco, house and techno and have grabbed this industry by the short n curlys. As a result, they’ve drawn a following…the following has turned into a horde of zombies and the result thereof is monotonous and regurgitated.

Of course, when something is good or even really good, it’s natural to move towards it. This, until it becomes saturated! The flavour of the month, like.

For the pioneers it’s fantastic. They’ve led the way…what then for the rest of us or rather the rest of you disc jockeys who now seek to play the very same sound, the very same sets, the very same tracks. Pretty boring for us the listener, no?

There’s the Art Departments, Maceo Plex’s, Soul Claps who are getting the same sort of results too…it’s really just killing their work. Of course, dropping the odd track here and there is no harm, but come on, we can’t all be playing the same stuff. Surely.

There’s a saying I’ll paraphrase, which basically states “we are all unique”…just like everyone else, eh 🙂

If you’re not differentiating yourself from the rest, how then do you expect to make something of this career you’ve sought? How do you expect to remain current and at the forefront rather than just another fad?

The latest fads are the Guetta’s and Deadmau5 of the world. Lets see how long they remain? How long they’re able to ‘produce’ a sound enjoyed by many…yet a sound we identify as theirs.

The likes of Ricardo Villalobos continue to do this, not following trends, but setting them. Being bold enough to release work like RE:ECM, the likes of Alton Miller…so relevant still today, that his beginnings in Detroit are still prevalent in his work, yet able to rock a crowd’s socks off right now. It’s because these cats have stayed at the forefront, rather than followed…

This is so applicable to life! I’m not saying reinvent yourself every week…i’m not saying be ridiculous…i’m saying be authentic. Find out what makes you different and ‘market’ this to the hills. It may be your only selling point, but it’s your selling point!

This. Is on the top of my ‘to do list’



Football. The Beautiful Game.

Not many things i love more than this. Shameful, but honest.

I’d like to draw your attention to one or two of the games’ masters…

Diego Armando Maradona. Honestly speaking, if you haven’t heard of or learnt about him, you’re pretty much swimming in the shallow end of the who’s who of football. Reading a book about him entitled ‘The Hand of God’ it pretty much covers his story from the dusty streets of Argentina to the high-life of Barcelona, Naples and beyond.

Reports of his mastery on the field are then jaded by the struggles of his personal life and the challenges and questionable decisions made along the way.

To start off, the title indicates that the focus is on the negative. A moment against England in the ’86 World Cup semi-final, where ‘El Pelusa’ uses his hand to win an aerial duel with Peter Shilton, in the England goal, scoring from this act. Funny thing is, his second goal in that game will go down as one of the finest pieces of individual brilliance the footballing world has seen to this day.

Secondly, I’d take us closer to home…Benedict “Benni” McCarthy. His meteoric rise from playing in the sunday league [run by gangs] on the cape flats, to playing in some of Europe’s top leagues, winning European club football’s biggest prize…somewhat forgotten for jibes about his weight and issues with SAFA.

Lets take it a bit closer. Us humans are quite special aren’t we. We’ll forget and sometimes even erase a boat load of good for that single moment of error, holding onto it and ending relationships as a result.

No doubt, there are occurrences which cause great amounts of pain and turmoil, moments which seem as if your life could literally come to an end as a result of someone’s actions or words. This takes time to ‘get over’…time to forgive…time to right.

Flip that and there are often times where we even struggle to forgive ourselves for things we have done weeks, months, sometimes even years back. It kills us! Honestly, we are incapable of moving on or growing if we continue to hold onto these faults.

To err is human…someone once said. Hello, we’re all human. Diego, Benni, me, you…no different. Blessed with individual capabilities, but no different in that we’re prone to error.

Remember the mazey run from inside your own half, rounding three players, nutmegging the goalkeeper to slot home…rather than a miss-timed challenge.

Eye on the goal and you’ll score…remember the tackle and you’ll feel that injury for longer than is necessary.

Futebol e vida



Say what

Sorry. Five letters.

Overused word, often meaningless…probably as meaningless as society has made ‘I love you’

I hardly ever apologise. Interpreted as I can’t be arsed, my arrogance…my inability to identify the wrong i do and have done. Really.

This year I’ve probably had to use it a lot more than most human beings should, it’s been one of them years. I’m a difficult bastard. Self-centred. I want what I want and this is oft-times at the expense of those closest to me.

Personally I liken ‘sorry’ to those cold, rehearsed phrases we utter at funerals “my deepest sympathy” “he was a good man” “he is in a better place”…all phrases which initially really meant something. They meant what they meant…over time, we just started uttering them, willy nilly, for the occasion.

Don’t get me wrong. I hate hurting people…it is really not my idea of ‘a wise move’…hate the aftermath of it all. I’m human and i get it wrong quite often, which reminds me that i don’t have it all together. Maybe I’m like the Pareto principle of ‘wrong vs right’…20% of my actions, results for 80% of my issues (nice hey)

Maybe this is just my ‘cop out’ for my inability to apologise. My inability to make the correct decisions at times. My inability…which reminds that I’m human.

I’m sorry.